Why would I want to give an eGift/eGC/electronic gift voucher?

eGifts take care of many of the limitations that other voucher systems have.

First, eGifts are secure. Because they are sent to a chosen email or phone number, you know that your eGift arrives to your intended giftee. You don't even have to worry about lost vouches or having them stolen, as they only need to present the 8-digit alphanumeric code to redeem at a merchant! No bulky certificates needed to collect and store.

Second, eGifts are digital. As a digital product, there are many perks. eGifts arrive when you want them -- whether it be instantly, or on a scheduled special day. They are also convenient when it comes to troubleshooting vouchers for resending and even voiding.

Lastly, eGifts are personal. You can add a personal message and your name so that the receiver feels special when they use the eGift, no matter where you are.

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